farm Insurance

Ohio, Kentucky, indiana

Your farm is more than just a business—it’s your home, your hard work; it is the place where your family will build a lifetime of memories.  That’s why it is so important—so crucial—to make certain that your home is properly protected and insured.  We recognize that a farm can bring with it some needs that are unique only to you.

At The Todd D. Tucker Agency, we know that you want to protect your memories and the hard earned life that you have built for yourself.  Let us help you make sure that if something does happen unexpectedly, your memories will not disappear in the midst of tragedy.  

Our job is to present you with the best policy for your situation, and then to be there when you need us the most because at The Todd D. Tucker Agency—We work, for you.

Thank you

for using my site for your insurance needs…


Hi, my name is Todd. If you decide to use me for your insurance needs, I will work for you to find the most competitive rates. I want your business long-term. So, I find the companies and policies that will fit your specific needs. If I am not able to do that, I will be honest enough to tell you. When I do recommend something that you have not thought about before, I will educate you, so that you can make the final decision yourself. Because at the end of the day–I work for you.

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