Why Choose Us?


Across our agents we have more than 41 years’ experience in the industry. We love the easy cases, but we are not afraid of the difficult ones. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to know what approach to
take to get you insured.

Personal Service

You are not just a number with us. We know you by name. We go the extra mile to provide you with personal service. We believe that just like you would allow your doctor to get to know you, likewise if we get to know you, we will be better able to serve you. Our goal is to leave you better off than you were, with each encounter.

Ease Of Communication

Whether it is by phone, text, in-person, email, through our website, or using video tools like Ringcentral Meeting, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. We are fully prepared to take care of your needs. If you need to sign something, our office is 90 percent approved for electronic signature.

A Broad Range of Insurance Products

Life Insurance

Don’t leave your family without leaving them with the ability to keep living. Whether you are the primary earner or if you share in that responsibility, it is still your responsibility to take care of those that you leave behind. Your kids will still graduate from High School. They will still go to college or some vocational school, buy their first home, and have their first baby. What if you could be there to see them through it all? Well you can. Let us show you how. At The Todd D. Tucker Agency- We Work For You!

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Homeowners Insurance

Your first child. Family meals. The love you see in each other’s eyes. Home. It’s the place where your family will build a lifetime of memories. That’s why it is so important—so crucial—to make certain that your home is properly protected and insured. Let us talk with you to make sure that your home can be a place of peace. Let us help you make sure that if something does happen
you can focus on your memories and the ones that made those memories so special. At The Todd D Tucker Agency, We Work For You!

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Automobile Insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, your primary concern is likely to be along one simple track: how much you can save. We fully understand that sentiment. We will keep monetary concerns in mind while making sure that you are secure. We make sure that the policy fits the type of
driver you are. Whether you are just starting out or more mature, we will make sure that the policy fits your need. So that you can drive with confidence knowing that if something did happen, we would be there. At The Todd D. Tucker Agency- We Work For You!

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We Offer A Broad Range Of Insurance Products

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